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Tactical Medical Kits

  1. C3740 QuickClot Bandage Refill Kit
  2. C4322 Modular Bandage Kit
  3. C3488 Rigid Tourniquet Case
  4. C3437 Tourniquet Refill
  5. C4321 First Aid Kit with Medical Pouch


Stop the Bleed Kits

  1. C3605 Personal Bleeding Control Kit
  2. C3604 Premium Personal Bleeding Control Kit
  3. C3606 Personal Bleeding Control Bag
  4. C3607 Wall Mount Bleeding Control Kit
  5. C3620 Bleeding Control Backpack



  1. A1517 Eye Protection
  2. A1518 Eye Protection
  3. A1667 Ear Plugs
  4. A1541 Hearing Protection


  1. E5800 AAA Alkaline Battery
  2. E5801 AA Alkaline Battery
  3. E5804 9V Alkaline Battery 12 Pack
  4. E5806 Lithium Battery Packs
  5. E5803 D Alkaline Battery
  6. E5802 C Alkaline Battery



  1. D4602 Cleaning Rag White T-Shirt
  2. D4695 Cleaning Rag Colored T-Shirt
  3. D4696 Cleaning Rag Colored Sweatshirt


Rain Gear

  1. A1186 Rain Parka with Reflective Tape
  2. A1188 Rain Trousers with Reflective Tape
  3. A2061 Jacket Liner
  4. A2062 Parka
  5. A2065 Waterproof Rain Bib
  6. A2066 Rain Gear Reflective Jacket
  7. A1185 Long Rain Coat with Reflective Tape
  8. A1187 Rain Trousers with Reflective Tape


Hard Hats

  1. A1563 Cap Style Hard Hat
  2. A1564 Full Brim Hard Hat
  3. A2697 Safety & Task Light
  4. A1581 Cap Mount Ear Muff
  5. A2026 Mesh Faceshield
  6. A2060 Vented Cap Style Hard Hat



  1. C3402 Disposable Exam Gown
  2. C3408 Disposable Isolation Gown


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